Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you really can't go wrong...

... with CSS's Move remixed by Cut Copy. CSS + Cut Copy is just an explosion of fun beats and catchy Brazilian accented lyrics.

Download it below to see for yourself.

Move - CSS (Remixed by Cut Copy)
downloadable link fixed!

fabulous underground hiphop

Introducing The LC

This hip-hop ensemble, representing my hometown, is nothing short of feel good music, as their sophomore album is so properly titled. The Feel Good has some fun and youthful throwback tracks with explosively poetic rhymes. New school boys with an old school twist - kind of like if early Kanye made love to The Cool Kids. Their album is up for download via their Myspace. Peep the video and their posted tracks... perfect feel good music for spring!!!

Favorite tracks: The Porch Song, Gotcha, The Feelgood