Thursday, July 24, 2008

gospel + dance = KILLA!

I stumbled across this, Keedz - Stand on the Word. It's like Justice. If Justice lived in Montgomery, Alabama. Sample: Stand on the Word - The Joubert Sisters.

PS - Keedz is French. Are any of us surprised?

MGMT @ McCarren SUNDAY (fo free!)

Can't wait! This is why I love summer! A bunch of broke hipsters and thugs meet at all the hot spots in NYC for some free dance parties. Anyway, I will SO be at McCarren this Sunday for MGMT. I actually can't wait. I really fucking love MGMT - they just make me feel so good.

Come out with your friends and drugs on Sunday and shout me a holla if you see me gettin' down and durrrty. Check out the Electric Feel Justice remix - in case you thought it couldn't get any better (courtesy of Chunwoo).

ellen page on acid

I recently joined the Netflix bandwagon, and never being much of a movie person to begin with, I had difficulties finding ones to put on my "queu." I trusted Netflix at that point, in choosing movies for me, one of which was The Tracy Fragments. Both the trailer and description were quite enticing, and both my sister and I agreed that it seemed decent enough to give a try.

Well, here I am, a week later from watching it, and wishing I never did. It's haunted me in the worst possible ways, and it's fragmented multiple camera shots made me nauseous, another feeling I certainly do not want to relive again.

In point: the movie was fucked up. Don't watch it. No matter how much you've convinced yourself it will be worth it because Ellen Page and Slim Twig are awesome. Oh, and, don't trust Netflix. EVER!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

persia's back! queen of the rockaway...

Big ups to my lady Persia, who was my personal favorite on VH1's cheesey reality game-show Ego Tripp's White Rapper Show, not only for her fresh rhymes, but also for her INSANE door knocker earrings. Can this sista pull them off? Probably not, but I'm gonna try anyway.

Regardless, I just came across this video. It's catchy. Homegirl knows how to spit that ish and represent Queens simultaneously. Check it out.

this remind me of zack morris

They are just so cool! Urban Outfitters is retailing these cute little guys in various colors for a whopping $70 bucks. Not too shabby. Totally Saved by the Bell style.

Monday, July 21, 2008

harlem's finest

I saw a little exposé in a taxi cab the other day about this guy, a young artist from Harlem with down syndrome. Haile King-Rubie is a 17 year old with a new look on art, through the eyes of someone with an inabilitating disability. His art is whimsical with an African influence, and truly is inspiring for someone of his stature. The Village Voice also did an article about him, as his poopularity is sweeping NYC and our galleries. If you're interested in more, check out Haile's website and view some of his other cool pieces.

Diplo is o.k. in my book

Yesterday was the highly anticipated Central Park Summerstage show that presented nothing short of amazing in terms of the music, performance, and crowd. Williamsburg met Flatbush at this hipsterish/gangstuh dance party, one of which booty shakin' was definitely the accepted form of dance.

As most people, I was pretty excited for Santogold, but her openers, Kid Cudi, Diplo, and A-Trak all stunned me. A-Trak had blew me away before, but low and behold it was my first time ever hearing about Diplo, and he certainly kept the party going.

Homeboy knows how to work those 1's and 2's. Check it out.

if a tree falls in the forest...

This is a real restaurant in Japan. It makes tree-houses seem just that much cooler. No they don't serve mixed fruit and nuts, but instead is a restaurant, dedicated to the fusion of the east: India, Taiwan, Japan, China, and others.