Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kanye West leaked!

If you haven't already downloaded Kanye's new album yet, I only have one question: What the fuck is wrong with you?

In short, my top 5 songs are (in no particular order) the following:

1.) Tell Everybody That You Know/See You In My Nightmares
The title is still pretty ambiguous, since it is appearing in both forms on different sites. The version I first had was entitled Tell Everybody, but on my leaked copy it's entitled See You In My Nightmares. Either way... fuck the title. This song is great. It's featuring Lil' Wayne and he only intensifies the already insane beat that I have no doubt is produced by Kanye. Is this whole album produced by Kanye? It's got to be. This song is gritty and angry and just really dark and dreary. I love it.

2.) Coldest Winter
This happened to have been a song that I didn't hear prior to acquiring the leaked album. But the second that I heard it, I was hooked. It melted my heart instantly. It has that that really intense R&B vibe and Kanye's vocals are just beautiful. Beautiful is actually the best word I can use to describe this song. We've all felt this way.

3.) Heartless
I'm sure most of you have already heard this song. Perez put it up awhile ago, and I believe Kanye leaked it himself on his blog. But this song is so fucking tight. Granted it's about some cold, heartless bitch... the song tell a story, and you still get that rap aspect that a lot of his songs neglect. Whether you love or hate the new direction Kanye has gone in, this song encompasses all the terrific elements of music and really creates a sick mood.

4.) Amazing
I leaked this for you guys a week or so ago. This song is featuring Young Jeezy and from the first seconds you hear the piano in the beginning of the song, it's really epic. Just when you think the song is about to end, Young Jeezy comes in and adds his flavor to an already perfect song. Kanye never forgets his roots, and the rappers he chose to feature on this album fit the protocol for what he was trying to go for. There is no doubt that Kanye had an intense agenda for this album, and it's only illuminated in Amazing.

5.) Robocop
DJ's are going to eat this song up! The beat is really fun and it fit's with Kanye's playful melody. I called this song his electropop single. It's very 80s and very mod. But again, still keeping in his own element, the lyrics are very Kanye and encompassed in misery. I'm not sure where he got "Robocop" from... but it works. He could make anything work.

So yeah, whether you love him, hate him, like his new direction, prefer his raps - he at least deserves the chance for this album's response. He did something super risky and there is no doubt in my mind that he did a successful job. Get the leaked copy asap and peep it and if you're feelin' it, buy the real copy on November 24th!

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