Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's all in the name: ghostface killa drops the rockland county bomb on me

How appropriate is it to name a blog after it's first official post? Or did I create the name before the bloggings? Regardless, it's fucking appropriate.

On Friday night, I was hanging out back at a good friend's bbq in Rockland County. Smoking weed and playing beer pong is nostalgic of Rockland County; our people are a rare breed. Amidst blunts and flying ping-pong balls splashing into cheep keg-pumped beer, my sister and I both tuned into the amazing iPod being played.

Ghostface Killa's name drop of Rockland County in his nasty little diddy "Killa Lipstick," turned us immediately, focusing on nothing else in the party but the song.

Yeah, this white chick Everlay, she smell Downy
Had her best friend named Jade, from Rockland County
Double cokeheads who love cartoons, type chicks who eat pussy
Listen to Prince and play with they wombs

The song is bomb, and the beat is just sexy. Ghostface Killa amazed me once again. Even after so many years.

Check it out. Especially if you're a big fan of the Rock.

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glendora said...

we love killahlipstick!