Thursday, July 24, 2008

ellen page on acid

I recently joined the Netflix bandwagon, and never being much of a movie person to begin with, I had difficulties finding ones to put on my "queu." I trusted Netflix at that point, in choosing movies for me, one of which was The Tracy Fragments. Both the trailer and description were quite enticing, and both my sister and I agreed that it seemed decent enough to give a try.

Well, here I am, a week later from watching it, and wishing I never did. It's haunted me in the worst possible ways, and it's fragmented multiple camera shots made me nauseous, another feeling I certainly do not want to relive again.

In point: the movie was fucked up. Don't watch it. No matter how much you've convinced yourself it will be worth it because Ellen Page and Slim Twig are awesome. Oh, and, don't trust Netflix. EVER!

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