Monday, December 22, 2008

how many justice rip offs can i tolerate?

...before i just lose interest completely? Plus Move fits the mold, but I'm still lovin it. Shame on me.

You be the judge.

you should know how i feel about french bubblegum techno by now

if not, this song sums it up.

this beat is pretty sick.

mash up, for the original check out lady gaga's love games.

such trash, good beats

i've been swamped with finals and christmas

but it's over now... the next few posts are a collective of some cool videos/music i've been into lately. haven't hit the clubs in awhile to know what's down, but the internets do.

sometimes i just feel like a house of cards

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more happy music for happy people

fuck the pettiness of christmas and the holidays this time of year. time to blow of some stress and dance. meet passion pit. special thanks to joe nolfo. he doesn't read this. no one does!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

BB brunes! loves it.

They should tutor me...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

this is adorable

shot with photobooth pictures.

all my single ladies ;)

Beyonce's inspiration for her new video.

Kanye West leaked!

If you haven't already downloaded Kanye's new album yet, I only have one question: What the fuck is wrong with you?

In short, my top 5 songs are (in no particular order) the following:

1.) Tell Everybody That You Know/See You In My Nightmares
The title is still pretty ambiguous, since it is appearing in both forms on different sites. The version I first had was entitled Tell Everybody, but on my leaked copy it's entitled See You In My Nightmares. Either way... fuck the title. This song is great. It's featuring Lil' Wayne and he only intensifies the already insane beat that I have no doubt is produced by Kanye. Is this whole album produced by Kanye? It's got to be. This song is gritty and angry and just really dark and dreary. I love it.

2.) Coldest Winter
This happened to have been a song that I didn't hear prior to acquiring the leaked album. But the second that I heard it, I was hooked. It melted my heart instantly. It has that that really intense R&B vibe and Kanye's vocals are just beautiful. Beautiful is actually the best word I can use to describe this song. We've all felt this way.

3.) Heartless
I'm sure most of you have already heard this song. Perez put it up awhile ago, and I believe Kanye leaked it himself on his blog. But this song is so fucking tight. Granted it's about some cold, heartless bitch... the song tell a story, and you still get that rap aspect that a lot of his songs neglect. Whether you love or hate the new direction Kanye has gone in, this song encompasses all the terrific elements of music and really creates a sick mood.

4.) Amazing
I leaked this for you guys a week or so ago. This song is featuring Young Jeezy and from the first seconds you hear the piano in the beginning of the song, it's really epic. Just when you think the song is about to end, Young Jeezy comes in and adds his flavor to an already perfect song. Kanye never forgets his roots, and the rappers he chose to feature on this album fit the protocol for what he was trying to go for. There is no doubt that Kanye had an intense agenda for this album, and it's only illuminated in Amazing.

5.) Robocop
DJ's are going to eat this song up! The beat is really fun and it fit's with Kanye's playful melody. I called this song his electropop single. It's very 80s and very mod. But again, still keeping in his own element, the lyrics are very Kanye and encompassed in misery. I'm not sure where he got "Robocop" from... but it works. He could make anything work.

So yeah, whether you love him, hate him, like his new direction, prefer his raps - he at least deserves the chance for this album's response. He did something super risky and there is no doubt in my mind that he did a successful job. Get the leaked copy asap and peep it and if you're feelin' it, buy the real copy on November 24th!

Girl Talk @ Terminal 5...

...was a blast. I was one of the lucky people to attend his sold out show... and despite all the underage boobies, the horrible opening bands, and girl talk's pretentiousness, the show itself was off the chain. Say what you want about him - but the dude knows music and played a lot of amazing shit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

stayin true to him.

Before I post this... I wanted to let you all (does anyone read this, haha) know that I was very indifferent about the direction Kanye West has been going in for his new album which drops by the end of the month. I've been lucky to peep most of the album and besides Love Lockdown, this was the song that convinced me that Kanye has an agenda, and this album is super super minimalist and super super tight. I'm feelin' it. It may not be the club hits that we're used to, but it's truly musical poetry.

Check out Amazing, featuring Young Jeezy below.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Reviews!

I've been spending my hung-over Sundays at the movie theatre. Last weekend I saw "Role Models" and the day after Halloween I saw "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." I'm not a big fan of big blockbuster movies... the types of movies that I want to make me think are typically documentaries, mockumentaries, docu-dramas, etc. So I stick to the raunchy comedies. Find out what I think below!

Role Models

Well, this movie was HILARIOUS. I never go into these types of movies with big expectations, but McLovin and Bobb'e J. are so funny. The movie basically turns into a giant dungeons and dragons tournament, and I literally was dying laughing in the theatre. Amazing! A+++++

Zack & Miri Make a Porno

Another hilarious movie... along the lines of "Knocked Up." Hilarious montages. Not to mention Kevin Smith's super raunchy humor. And I love J. A lot. Had more of a plot than just a stupid-funny movie... there was some substance to it which was funny based on the circumstances. I give it a A-!

K. Now I won't be at the movies for awhile. Until the Biggie movie comes out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

looks (and sounds) good!!!

What a fun fucking video!
Congrats Obama!
Let's celebrate with Of Montreal!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Milli Rapper Freestyles

Check all these out!

Lil Mama

Drake (Jimmy from Degrassi is a rapper now?)


Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm the hulk hogan of slammin muff

have you ever heard of jon lajoie? ... i haven't been on his youtube channel in awhile but i just got caught up on everything since his rapist glasses skit. check out e=mc vagina, it's hilarious. i'll post an extra goodie too by him. i love this guy.


I strongly urge you all to smoke a fat j or two and go see this movie!!! It was so fucking funny and unexpectedly amazing!

this is going to be insane!!!!

cant wait!!!!!

but we got no money...

we just like to party

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

gotta secret...

This song is so weird that I like it.
I've gotten soft this past week with the new music. I'm stressed. Don't worry, I still rock out to Matthew Sweet and Daft Punk on the subway, usually pissing off the person trying to read next to me. It's not my fault I like shit loud.

i tried to do

Thanks, Apple!

welcome back, blog.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so keep ya love locked down

Kanye's VMA performance. New song. He wrote it two weeks ago.

Monday, September 8, 2008

a shift of thought

So classes started for me late last week, and before I go on to law school next year, I get to bask in all the glory that is the crazy choice of majors I made of my 4-year college duration. As both a sociology and anthropology major, I get to bend my mind in strange ways, and with great pleasure, get to explore the wonders of peoples, places, cultures, and everything else that may fall in between, by reading some amazing literature, checking out some really out-there art, and fondling around with some pretty righteous theories - all of which I would otherwise never know existed. So where does this lead me to?

Jimmie Durham. 
Write-off, Jimme Durham, 2004.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

this is what insomnia and 'hanna[h?]' lead to on a saturday night...


weekends that involve vampires are 'totes' in my top 5...

yes yes, we have all grown to love vampire weekend over the past year and a half...
i never saw this video. it's so cute!

my favorite female bob dylan.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

come on guys!

The most recent Gallup Poll has reported that McCain is ahead of Obama by slight margins. We absolutly cannot let happen what has happened in the past. The appeal may be slightly dying down, and the Olympics have covered more news time than the election... but we cannot lose focus. The only way this country has any hope of changing - for the better - is with a democratic leader and a democratic congress led by him. We must keep the election close to home, and all go out and vote this fall. Do not let Obama's popularity fool you: he needs our support every inch of the way! We cannot believe that others will get the job done for us.

This is a huge election. We are the future of this country, and we will be the ones most effected by the outcomes of who becomes our next president. The only way for change to happen is to not sit back and enjoy the ride: we all must do our part... and voting is the only way to be heard. If you have yet to register, there is no better time than the present. It takes a few moments and you can even do it online. This is the first official election I will be able to vote in, and the same goes for many of us. Let's change history and change the bad times that the economy is suffering both in and outside of the United States. Do not be fooled by Republican propoganda. There is only one way for change to happen... it's up to us to make the right choice, and to stay on top of the polls.

Let's do it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

absolut kanye

Have you seen those BeKanYe ads on the subways? We finally got to the bottom of it!

best movie scene ever

For those who may have forgotten it lately.

better then the original


the hotness of hollywood...

Check out Hollywood Holt's single "Hollywood," and their hot video to go along with the hottest beat.

it's about time for a decent mixer...

I mean, I owe it to myself right? I work hard and study hard, so I should at least drop a couple bones on some serious mixing action to only enhance my DJ abilities. Finally. I just purchased this on my Musician's Friend Platinum Card. Why? Cause financing is the only way poor people can have nice things.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a curse and i'm a sound
When I open up my mouth
There's a reason I don't win
I don't know how to begin.

top 25 best opening song lyrics... EVER. is known for their nifty little music features. And whilst being bored in my office today, I came across the Top 25 Best Opening Song Lyrics ever. It was great. They give a clip of the intro of each song, counting down from number 25, and the lyrics are truly magnificant. Coming in at number 19 was George Michael's "Well, I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body" as well as Weezer coming in at number 14 with "What's with these homies dissing my girl?" Genius. Find out what number 1 was here, you won't be dissapointed!

anyone who knows me knows that

I have been the biggest Duran Duran fan for ever. Why hasn't anyone remade this song?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

winner of the week!

Boys and Girls, I'd like to introduce to you the most confused genius on the interweb. Meet the Burger King employee from Xenia, Ohio, who decided that for his birthday, he would bathe in the Burger King kitchen's sink fully nude. This is just so odd and this man is just so weird. Is he ghetto? 

Best part: the manager doesn't even give a shit! Health violations hell-loo?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fuck you very much.

Lily Allen's new single has dropped. And I fucking love it. It's got some pretty dark words for such a happy Sesame-Street-esque tune. Check it out!

heavy vee is fat.

And that's why this song is getting so big. Not because it's good. Just wanted to make that clear.

But it's fucking hilarious. And Heavy Vee's hook is all about how she doesn't need one. IRONY!


Taking a short break from the bloggings; I just wanted to note that my hits have been exponentially growing over the last few days on Killa Lipstick. I wanted to thank you guys all for tuning in and hope you're enjoying my musings and interweb findings. Please leave some feedback at any point, and I'll try to update a lot more now that I'm back from Canada.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

what's playing in michael phelps' ipod?

I've been watching the Olympics like crazy. I get so into it. And the announcers are the dumbest fucking people I've ever heard. Anyways, I watched Phelps win the Gold last night and it'll only be minutes until he's on again... and the cameras always zoom in on him prior to the race, and he's just chillin' on the side listening to his iPod. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can even catch him lip synching a bit.

So my question is: What the fuck do you think he's listening to? $5 to the funniest response. Well not really. I have my money on him listening to Cold Play's new album.

nintendo is so fucking cool.

I don't know if it's all the Canadian weed I've been smoking or if this video really is the greatest thing ever. It's a rap some guy did about original Nintendo and if you're old enough to remember all the game samples they used, it's fucking awesome. Check it out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

happy birfday sistah

I have a killer littler sister who turned 19 today. Just bought her Tegan and Sara tickets as a bday present for October, and in memorandum, decided to post my favorite Tegan and Sara song for you kids to enjoy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

gospel + dance = KILLA!

I stumbled across this, Keedz - Stand on the Word. It's like Justice. If Justice lived in Montgomery, Alabama. Sample: Stand on the Word - The Joubert Sisters.

PS - Keedz is French. Are any of us surprised?

MGMT @ McCarren SUNDAY (fo free!)

Can't wait! This is why I love summer! A bunch of broke hipsters and thugs meet at all the hot spots in NYC for some free dance parties. Anyway, I will SO be at McCarren this Sunday for MGMT. I actually can't wait. I really fucking love MGMT - they just make me feel so good.

Come out with your friends and drugs on Sunday and shout me a holla if you see me gettin' down and durrrty. Check out the Electric Feel Justice remix - in case you thought it couldn't get any better (courtesy of Chunwoo).

ellen page on acid

I recently joined the Netflix bandwagon, and never being much of a movie person to begin with, I had difficulties finding ones to put on my "queu." I trusted Netflix at that point, in choosing movies for me, one of which was The Tracy Fragments. Both the trailer and description were quite enticing, and both my sister and I agreed that it seemed decent enough to give a try.

Well, here I am, a week later from watching it, and wishing I never did. It's haunted me in the worst possible ways, and it's fragmented multiple camera shots made me nauseous, another feeling I certainly do not want to relive again.

In point: the movie was fucked up. Don't watch it. No matter how much you've convinced yourself it will be worth it because Ellen Page and Slim Twig are awesome. Oh, and, don't trust Netflix. EVER!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

persia's back! queen of the rockaway...

Big ups to my lady Persia, who was my personal favorite on VH1's cheesey reality game-show Ego Tripp's White Rapper Show, not only for her fresh rhymes, but also for her INSANE door knocker earrings. Can this sista pull them off? Probably not, but I'm gonna try anyway.

Regardless, I just came across this video. It's catchy. Homegirl knows how to spit that ish and represent Queens simultaneously. Check it out.

this remind me of zack morris

They are just so cool! Urban Outfitters is retailing these cute little guys in various colors for a whopping $70 bucks. Not too shabby. Totally Saved by the Bell style.

Monday, July 21, 2008

harlem's finest

I saw a little exposé in a taxi cab the other day about this guy, a young artist from Harlem with down syndrome. Haile King-Rubie is a 17 year old with a new look on art, through the eyes of someone with an inabilitating disability. His art is whimsical with an African influence, and truly is inspiring for someone of his stature. The Village Voice also did an article about him, as his poopularity is sweeping NYC and our galleries. If you're interested in more, check out Haile's website and view some of his other cool pieces.

Diplo is o.k. in my book

Yesterday was the highly anticipated Central Park Summerstage show that presented nothing short of amazing in terms of the music, performance, and crowd. Williamsburg met Flatbush at this hipsterish/gangstuh dance party, one of which booty shakin' was definitely the accepted form of dance.

As most people, I was pretty excited for Santogold, but her openers, Kid Cudi, Diplo, and A-Trak all stunned me. A-Trak had blew me away before, but low and behold it was my first time ever hearing about Diplo, and he certainly kept the party going.

Homeboy knows how to work those 1's and 2's. Check it out.

if a tree falls in the forest...

This is a real restaurant in Japan. It makes tree-houses seem just that much cooler. No they don't serve mixed fruit and nuts, but instead is a restaurant, dedicated to the fusion of the east: India, Taiwan, Japan, China, and others.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

feed the animals, a musical petting zoo

It took me a few years to finally jump on the Girl Talk bandwagon - I never really saw what was so great about them. After cruising around Brooklyn all night, jumping in and out of Kait's car that was pumping some serious air conditioning and Girl Talk all night, I enjoyed it. A melodic transition of fun top 40 mash-ups, with a few uncreative beats used as filler, Feed The Animals was surprisingly fun, especially for partying music. I won't lie, my deciding factor was when they were able to transform Usher's In the Club with some familiar The Cure tunes. 
Regardless, their album is available for free. It's def. worth checking out, especially if you're a pop lover deep down inside. I won't tell. Promise.

you know you're getting old when...'s difficult to make it through a two and a half hour movie at it's midnight showing. However, I did manage to stay awake for The Dark Knight, despite having gone to work and a study class before hand. I'm not a big movie snob, Netflix is a good friend of mine, as well as the known fact that I see about 5-10 movies a year in the theatres. Yet, I did really enjoy the new Batman movie (sans Robin) and felt it was worth noting that Heath Ledger was fucking fantastic, and they truly transformed the Joker's character into a modern-day sociopathic criminal. Killa impressive!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

you know it's summer when...

...Central Park's free outdoor Summer Stage concerts are back, and the music only gets better each year. You can find me there Sunday, catching Montreal's finest: A-Trak, accompanied by some more great DJs and hip-hop, as well as the less-cooler version of M.I.A., Santogold.

My sister is hoping for a guest appearance by Pharell. I'm thinking he's too cool for free shows. Enjoy the new video below. It's okay to dance.

for those who still aren't on the tracy morgan bandwagon

Tracy Morgan is by far one of the funniest son of bitches on television. Catch him on 30 Rock (emmy nominated, once again!) on NBC, but in the mean time, check out this amazing interview. VI-ET-NAM!


These are fantastic. Retailing at only $60 on FredFlare's website, these little guys are adorable and super innovative. No, the average person cannot stick these in their ears, but they do make an awesome set of table speakers.

another reason to hate the french...

...they're better dancers too?

Props to my francais boys for keeping it together and trying to stay alive.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's all in the name: ghostface killa drops the rockland county bomb on me

How appropriate is it to name a blog after it's first official post? Or did I create the name before the bloggings? Regardless, it's fucking appropriate.

On Friday night, I was hanging out back at a good friend's bbq in Rockland County. Smoking weed and playing beer pong is nostalgic of Rockland County; our people are a rare breed. Amidst blunts and flying ping-pong balls splashing into cheep keg-pumped beer, my sister and I both tuned into the amazing iPod being played.

Ghostface Killa's name drop of Rockland County in his nasty little diddy "Killa Lipstick," turned us immediately, focusing on nothing else in the party but the song.

Yeah, this white chick Everlay, she smell Downy
Had her best friend named Jade, from Rockland County
Double cokeheads who love cartoons, type chicks who eat pussy
Listen to Prince and play with they wombs

The song is bomb, and the beat is just sexy. Ghostface Killa amazed me once again. Even after so many years.

Check it out. Especially if you're a big fan of the Rock.

blogging take 2: the intro.

I have blogging issues. Maybe my blog left me when I was a child, or raped me behind a middle school in a past life.

Regardless, taking inspiration from Yeezy himself, I've started this shit up again. 'Cept this time, I'll follow in the big guy's footsteps, and stay away from political rampages. Let this blog be a little sneak preview into my head: the shit I find just plain old cool or good, fascinating, or too gangsta for words.